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Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Clarifies LPG Meter Rules

Over the last couple of months, the Texas Department of Agriculture has been updating several of its rules to provide clarifying amendments. Late last month, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) proposed changes to Chapter 12 of their rules to clarify that not just scales but also LPG meters are subject to the requirement to every 4 years have the meters tested and inspected by a licensed service company. This requirement has been in state law but not reflected in the rules. While meter and scale testing and inspection are only required every four years, annual registration will still be required for LPG meters and scales. Rates will remain the same, $65 per LPG meter and $35 per scale. In this new round of rule changes, TDA updates language to reflect current reporting requirements, namely that service companies file inspection reports with the Department within 10 Days of placing these devices back into service rather than device operators within 30 days. The earliest possible date of adoption is January 22, 2023.

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