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Become a member of TPGA

Our members are producers, wholesalers, propane retailers, manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, service providers, engineers,  plumbers, RV parks, associations, and others involved in the propane industry.

Connecting. Informing. Helping.

The Texas Propane Gas Association is a membership organization created to a one-stop-shop for the propane industry connecting, informing and helping in every facet of the industry.
“Our strength is our members,” TPGA Executive Director Bill Van Hoy said. “Our grassroots efforts are second to none, and when called upon, they definitely act.”

Why Join?

Why Members Love TPGA

Why Members Love TPGA

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“The TPGA atmosphere is not only
family-oriented but goal-oriented, as
well. I am so happy to be a member and
now a leader of this great organization,”

- TPGA President Allen Wells, BayGas
“You go there; you talk to everybody that’s in the same industry. They have the same struggles; they have the same challenges… TPGA’s just right there with us all and working through it.”

- Matt Peterson, Buster Brown Propane

Membership Levels

Propane Marketer Members make up a core of our members. These members are full-service propane retailers that deliver propane by bobtails. Membership is truck-based.
Associate Members are our supplier and vendor members that provide products and services to the propane marketer members. Membership is a flat fee.
Affiliate Membership for 2023 has changed. These companies encompass multiple facets of the propane industry including.

Dispenser Operator: Any company or entity which is engaged in the business of selling LP Gas or propane motor fuel, dispensing and refilling of LP Gas or propane cylinders. Dues are based on the number of dispensers, capped at 10.


Cylinder Exchange:  Any company or entity which is ONLY engaged in transporting, selling, or exchanging LP Gas or propane cylinders. Dues are per cylinder truck based on Cylinder Truck Form 4 registration with the Railroad Commission of Texas.


Community System:  A company or entity that ONLY operates and services LP Gas or propane community systems. Dues are based on the number of community systems, capped at 10.


Contractor: A company or entity that ONLY installs or services LP Gas or propane equipment such as appliances, heating, and cooling equipment, and piping and venting. Dues are a flat fee.

Other: Marketers from other states that pay state dues and NPGA dues to their headquarter state. Dues are a flat fee.


Please contact the association at (800) 325-7427 or email
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