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TPGA Board

The board is composed of a Director from each district, an Alternate Director from each district, six (6) Vice Presidents, five (5) immediate Past Presidents of the Texas Propane Gas Association, President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, four (4) Associate Supplier Directors , and four (4) Associate Supplier Alternates comprised of one representative from each category and one at large, and a Texas State Director to the National Propane Gas Association.

TPGA Board of Directors


President: Allen Wells, Baygas
President-Elect: Larry Baty, Cadenhead Servis Gas
Secretary: Matt Terry, Matador Gas

Treasurer/Finance: Bill Collins, Propane Exchange


District Directors

District 1 Director: David Collett, Gas and Supply
District 2 Director: OPEN
District 3 Director: OPEN
District 4 Director: Danny Meyers, Bellville Butane 
District 4 Alternate: Matt Peterson, Buster Brown Propane
District 5 Director: Brody Newton, Busters Propane
District 6 Director: Omar Garcia, Mr. G

District 6 Alternate: Alex Hinojosa, Hino Gas 
District 7 Director: Sharon Seal, Bell Hydrogas
District 8 Director: Rodney Sladek, Fayetteville Propane
District 9 Director: Brad Quisenberry, Gene Harris Petroleum
District 9 Alternate: Larry Hearn, Yellow Rose Propane
District 10 Director: Josh Nowlin, McCraw Propane
District 10 Alternate: Chad Gregg, Enderby Gas
District 11 Director: Steve Adams, Hardwick LPG
District 12 Director: Laci Jo Stone, Schneider Distributing

District 13 Director Lane Worthington, WTG Fuels
District 14 Director: Terry Perez, Perez Propane
District 15 Director: Don Heinrich, Slaton Gas

District 16 Director: Mark Garrison, Fred Garrison Oil/All Star Propane


Past Presidents
Past President: : Josh McAdams, McAdams Propane

Past President: Mark Peterson, Buster Brown Propane
Past President: Jack Walzel, Tri-Co Propane
Past President: John Walter, Schneider Distributing
Past President: Ben Wood, Northwest Propane



Vice President: Steve Adams, Hardwick LPG
Vice President: Jeremy Gentile, Hill Butane
Vice President: Matt Terry, Matador Gas
Sr. Vice President: Todd Dorris, Roadrunner Energy
Sr. Vice President: Bill Collins, Collins Propane
Sr. Vice President: Joe Green, Green’s Blue Flame Gas

Supplier Section
Assoc. Supplier Service Director: Rusty Walker, Marshall Young 817-645 9155
Assoc. Supplier Service Alternate: Andy Brus, Crum & Forster 682-220-4812
Assoc. Producer/Marketing Gas Director: Jim Fulton, 4JEnergy 832-529-4768
Assoc. Producer/Marketing Gas Alternate: OPEN

Assoc. Manufacturer/Distributor Director: Joe Ezernack, Meeder Equipment, 903-877-9401
Assoc. Manufacturer/Distributor Alternate: Troy Hicks, Squibb Taylor 915-613-7534
Assoc. At Large Director: Crystelle Markley, Superior Energy Systems, 512-944-4177
Assoc. At Large Alternate: Jimmie Grant, Martin Gas Sales, 713-851-6155


NPGA Director: Chad Gray, Dixie LP Gas

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