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A large core of our membership are marketers. These are full service Category E retailers who deliver propane to end consumers all over Texas..

Marketer Member Perks

Stay Informed

Receive weekly and monthly pertinent industry news, regulatory alerts, updates, waivers & compliance reminders.

Get Access

Unlock the MEMBERS ONLY pages of our website includes recent regulatory news, our regulatory resource center, & more.

Get Referrals

Get included on our MEMBER ONLY Texas Find a Propane Retailer Tool as receive from phone and email referrals.

Be Represented

Have a voice with local, state & federal government agencies & the Texas Legislature. 

Save With Discounts

Compliance Items
Business Forms

Emergency Response #

Workers Comp

Tires for Your Fleet


For over 20 years, the TPGA has awarded over $125,000 in scholarships to members' children and grandchildren.

Get Help

Get compliance advice and answers on employer requirements, tax, rules, regulations, codes & standards,

Be Connected

Connect with propane industry members like yourself through meetings, committees & forums.


“When it comes to dealing with legislative efforts, marketers are small, and it’s hard for them to make a difference [individually].But with this trade association, we’re able to get together and come forward as a large united group,”

“It is important to have a louder voice than just your company in the Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Legislature, and other
government agencies, and it is important to know what rules and regulations are coming down from these agencies so that you can be knowledgeable about them. TPGA does that for its members,”

- Josh McAdams, McAdams Propane
“TPGA should be a part of your business. If anybody’s going to be in the propane industry or making decisions for your company, they need to be a part of [TPGA]. It’s free knowledge. You learn so many things from being in meetings and talking with your competitors. Because when you leave, you’re not just a competitor anymore.
You’ve got a friend.”

- John Walters, Schneider Distributing

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Please contact the association at (800) 325-7427 or email
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