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Why join the National Propane Gas Association?



Join the National Propane Gas Association

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) is the national trade association representing the U.S. propane industry.

With a membership of approximately 2,800 companies in all 50 states, 38 affiliated state or regional associations, and members in 19 foreign countries, NPGA represents every segment of the propane industry.

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The propane industry faces a myriad of rules and regulations that govern many aspects of the propane gas industry. the National Propane Gas Association has strongly positioned itself in Washington, D.C. to help members address these challenges.

With NPGA, you have 11 new legislative and regulatory staff members working for you in Washington.

NPGA also represents the propane industry on nearly 50 federal code committees 

Compliance Help

In addition to being your voice and advocate on Capitol Hill, NPGA also helps its members by alerting them of up-and-coming federal law and regulatory changes.

NPGA's staff are on hand to answer your questions on nearly every aspect of your propane business when it comes to the federal government.

NPGA also releases federal regulatory compliance guidance and programs like their new Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) ACE Compliance Program.

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HR Services

Members have access to a HR service, which provides solutions to employment issues as well as samples for several human resources forms including timesheets, employment applications, leave requests, sexual harassment reports, and more. The service is valued at $500 per year, but NPGA members have access to this useful toolbox at no charge. Members can also get answers to HR questions by emailing an on-staff expert. 


NPGA has many partners in which NPGA members can experience special pricing advantages:

  • Compliance Programs

  • Debt Collection & A/R Services

  • Uniforms & Facility Supplies

  • Supplemental Insurance

  • Insurance Solutions

  • Email Marketing

  • Office Supplies​

How Can I Start Saving?
NPGA members to learn how you can take advantage of these NPGA member-only programs log onto NPGA’s Member Only portal of their website.

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