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The propane industry find an array of products and services for your propane business from our many TPGA vendor members in our below TPGA Buyers Guide.

Autogas System Manufacturers & Distributors  

Josh Budworth  Alliance Autogas  608-469-4994

Frank G. Walkiewicz  Roush Cleantech  313-269-9287


Cargo Tank Repair & Inspection   

Augie Quintero  AJA Tanks Houston 832-374-2421



Linda Terry          Linscot  512-260-1318 

Michelle Wilson  P3 Propane Safety Compliance 774-259-9424

Credit Card Processing    

Melissa Lewis  Basys Processing  913-214-5022 


Engineering & Facility Repair

Javier Ramirez  Propane Specialty Services 830-424-3702



Alfredo Loya All Propane LPG 323-387-1963 

Scott Biggs  Bergquist Inc 800-448-9504

Jeff Cunningham  Cunningham Gas Products 800-833-5998

J.R. Anderson  Gas Equipment Co/Makeen 972-406-3817

Mark Smith  Home Depot Pro 512-318-1840   

Geoff Lucke  L.E. Klein 972-820-8811

Kent Cochran  Marshall Excelsior 269-789-6700

Ronnie Kelly  Meeder Equipment 903-877-9401

Curtis Engel  OmegaFlex 713-857-8755

Bob Paul Rego 336-449-7707

Kevin Morgan Rinnai America Corp 864-238-0674

Jim Diehl  Squibb-Taylor 214-357-4591

Crystelle Markley Superior Energy Systems 512-944-4177



Bob Spurgin Ben Spurgin Insurance 214-871-3322

Lance Thompson Cordell & Company Insurance 817-924-4236

Andy Brus Crum Forster 682-220-4812

Stephen Schmerbeck Garrett Insurance 936-756-2222

George Chase Insurors of Texas 877-778-3102

Rusty Walker Marshall Young Insurance 817-645-9155

Cindy Paugh PT Risk Management 480-893-8228

Marketing & Social Media Mgmt   

Michelle Wilson  Consumer Focus Marketing 774-259-9424

Cathy Pedrayes  Warm Thoughts Communications  646-893-9541  


Backoffice Software & Fleet Technology Solutions

David Kroutil  Advantage Route Systems 209-632-1122

Ray Cooper  Anova 816-398-5241​

Todd Kipperman  Blue Cow Software   888-499-2583

Todd Grimm  Cargas 1-888-611-3138

Warren Van Wyck Energy Tech Solutions, LLC 270-933-6471 

Corey Woinarowicz  Nocell Technologies 714-262-9051    


Tank Monitoring   

Ray Cooper  Anova  816-398-5241​

David Dodd  Otodata 844-763-3344

Jacob Maag  Worthington Industries Smartlid  419-615-9843


Tanks & Cylinders   

Richard Nokes  Arcosa Tank  214-478-9454

Toddie Rollins  BLT Tanks  405-375-4189

Ryan Eidsness Fischer Tanks 720-470-8613,

Michael Reps Manchester Tank & Equipment 303-994-8128 

Carlos Ortega  Metsa Tanks  800-609-8265

Ryan Eidsness ProPar 720-470-8613,

Brent Rogers  Quality Steel  800-345-2495

Jacob Maag  Worthington Industries  419-615-9843

Transport & Wholesale Fuel   

Jim Fulton  4J Energy, LLC  281-728-8567

Dorothy Stephens  Amber Terminal  817-834-4656

Jamie Bakondy  AmeriGas  832-524-6664

Jeff Severson  BAM Propane  817-738-8224

Max Eubanks  Bishop Energy  940-665-4672

Mark Porth  CHS Inc  816-368-0095

Callie Stewart  Enterprise Products  713-381-4586

Mike McCown  HCLM Services  830-730-7401

Jimmy Grant  Martin Gas Sales  713-851-6155

Josh McAdams  Midstream Transportation  936-598-7403

Nathan Mitchell  Sacramento Energy  817-727-7190

John Becraft  Targa Resources  817-416-7757

Trucks (Bobtails, Transports, & Service)

Ryan Eidsness Countryside Tank Company 720-470-8613,
Crystal Moran Fisk 800-355-3475
Tim Thrash JARCO 618-548-3660
Dennis Fry Meeder Equipment 903-877-9460
Ryan Eidsness Mississippi Tank Co/Terravest Industries 720-470-8613

Frank Walkiewicz Roush Cleantech 313-269-9287

Ryan Eidsness Signature Truck Systems 720-470-8613,
Sierra Nori Westmor Industries 320-766-3640 
Danny McElroy White River Distributors 972-240-1229

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