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Important Training & Exam Registration Change

Phase I of the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) streamlining administrative efforts launched over a year with a more sophisticated training and exam online registration system. The system made it easier to register for exams and training. The system recently got upgraded again so RRC does not have to call you for social security numbers anymore once an employee has registered for an exam or training. The SS# will now be collected online to streamline registration.


Unfortunately, with this integration comes with an important additional step. Before signing up for classes or exams, your company has to be registered and have an account in RAMP which stands for RRC Access Management Process (RAMP).


CLICK HERE for steps walking you through having your RRC company representative and designated company representative getting a RAMP account as well as how to register for exams and training from there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It will take up to 1 business day for the RRC IT Team to approve your company to have access. Once you are approved, you can move forward with registering your employees for classes through AFOS, also now known as the Alternative Fuels Online System. There you can register for training and exams and see a history of training and events your company has taken.

CLICK HERE to see the steps how to give additional company representatives administrator rights in the RAMP/AFOS system.

For additional training and exam questions, please contact RRC at 512-463-2682 or

Phase II of AFOS coming soon, will launch by the end of 3rd quarter or in the 4th quarter and will eventually allow you to do license and certification renewals and other administrative actions in the portal.

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