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TDLR Formally Files Rules to Exempt LPG Motor Fuel Meters

As you might remember, during the 86th Regular Session, Texas SB 2119 transferred the motor fuel metering and quality program from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

LPG meter and scale regulation were to remain at the Texas Department of Agriculture.

However, TDLR also began regulating propane autogas motor fuel meters with that transition, not realizing that these meters were already being regulated by the TDA as most meters are multi-purpose and rarely dedicated to one use, e.g., solely "public" motor fuel sales.

Since TDLR's motor fuel regulation took effect, TPGA has been working with TDLR on a resolution, and this Fall, TDLR recognized they would no longer regulate LPG motor fuel meters.

Although TDLR stopped accepting new and renewal license applications for the LPG motor fuel meters on September 17, 2021, we are now one step closer to it being officially on the books. Last month, TDLR finally filed a rule proposal to overturn the LPG motor fuel meter regulations.

Once the rules are officially adopted, the TDA will now remain the sole regulator of LPG meter and scale commodity measurement compliance.

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