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Cylinder Requalification Training,RIN Numbers, & RIN Decals

Have a new employee or need a refresher on how to requalify propane cylinders? Well, you're in luck, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has updated their comprehensive cylinder requalification training program last year on how to properly requalify cylinders.

How to Take The Course

  1. Online. Go to PERC's new Online Learning Center. Register to use the website & login. Search word "Requalify" & click register to begin the online course. It's FREE. Get a certificate at the end.

  2. Download.The FREE downloadable training program digital bundle includes a 128 page cylinder requalification training book, 162 slide power point with embedded videos. Click here to download bundle.

  3. Order. You can purchase a hard copy book with USB through Propane Service Corporation (PSC) by calling (800)392-0023.

Reminder. You need an RIN # to requalify cylinders. You must renew it every 5 years. Click here to search the RIN locator, enter your address and see when your RIN # and when it expires.

RIN decals. Blank RIN decals as well as custom RIN decals can be purchased through the Propane Service Corporation. Click here to see all the RIN decal options. Login to see Member pricing.

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