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What Can Suspend Your Driver

Did you know it's not just major offenses like driving under the influence that can disqualify a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver from driving for a period of time? Below we highlight some of the other driver disqualifications from 49 CFR 383.51

Other items that can disqualify a driver between 60-120 days include:

1. Speeding excessively (15 mph or more over speed limit) 

2. Driving recklessly 

3. Making improper or erratic traffic lane changes

4. Following the vehicle ahead to closely

5. Not following a traffic control arising in a fatal accident

6. Driving a CMV without obtaining a CLP or CDL

7. Driving a CMV without a CLP or CDL in the driver's possession

8. Driving a CMV without the proper class of CLP or CDL

and/or endorsements 

9. Texting while driving or mobile phone use

10. Failure to stop at railroad crossing

And, violating a driver or vehicle out-of-service order while transporting hazardous materials can disqualify a driver for 180 days to 2 years for the first conviction.

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