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Top TPGA Stories of 2022

Of the 200 stories shared in the Messenger over the course of the year, we have selected our top stories to highlight as we close out 2022.

  • Significant New Texas LP Gas Safety Rules Adopted

  • RRC Releases Enhanced LP Gas Rule Safety Rule Book

  • On-Demand Online Training Permitted for Initial Certification for LPG DOT Cylinder/Motor/Mobile Fillers

  • *Final Texas Fire Safety Analysis Template Released by RRC (Updated 12.16.2022)

  • Operation & Maintenance Manual Template for Compliance

  • New RRC Training & Exam Registration Portal Launches

  • How to Claim Retroactive 2022 Alternative Fuel Tax Credit

  • New ELDT Resource from TPGA

  • Texas CDL Help Desk

  • DOT Eliminating Annual Violation Reporting Requirement

  • TDLR LPG "Motor Fuel" Meter Exemption Now Official

  • New Texas Utility Help Site & Online Application Launched

  • Record Number of Gov Agencies Coming to Crossroads Expo

In addition to regulatory information, the Messenger reported on hours waivers, roadside enforcement events, annual compliance date reminders, flagged Texas legislation, and industry happenings.

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