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Tier II Reports Are Due Soon

Texas Tier II reports are required to be filed annually by March 1st to TCEQ for locations storing chemicals and hazardous materials, including those storing 2,380 gallons (10,000 lbs.) or more of propane. There is a filing exemption for agricultural operations. Tier II Guidance. When you are ready to start preparing your Tier II report, please find guides, videos, and archived training classes on the TCEQ Tier II website at

Questions? The fastest way to get your questions answered by Tier II staff is to click here and complete the form where you can select specific information on your issue. Additional requirements. Don't forget that in addition to filing your Tier II report with the TCEQ, download and also send a copy of your report(s) to your LEPC and local fire department. Click here to find the contact information for your Texas fire departments and LEPCs.

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