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Railroad Commission Adds More Online Continuing Education Classes for April

The Alternative Fuels Safety Department of Railroad Commission of Texas has added more online continuing education classes to its April 2020 line up.

The online Continuing Education classes are free, and registration is first-come, first-served. The online classes include: 2.1 Dispenser Operators, which covers the following certifications: • DOT cylinder filler; • ASME motor fuel dispenser; • Bobtail driver; and • Categories E, F, G, I and J 3.3 Appliance Conversion, Installation and Venting, which covers the following certifications: • Service and Installation; • Appliance Service and Installation; and • Categories D and E 3.8 Recreational Vehicle Gas Appliances, which covers the following certifications: • Recreational Vehicle; and • Category M

To view the schedule & register for one of the following online classes, visit the RRC website at The RRC will continue to expand online classes as they determine availability. If you have questions, contact the RRC at and 512-463-2682.

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