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PHMSA Inspection Vol 1 & 2

PHMSA Inspection Series: Vol 1 What to expect during a PHMSA inspection?

Recently, the Texas Propane Gas Association hosted inspectors from the Pipeline Hazardous Materials & Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (UD DOT) for training for the propane industry, and they shared some excellent information that we want to pass on to the entire membership through a series each week on DOT inspections. What to expect during a PHMSA inspection? 1)Preliminary Interview 2) Show Me Your Operations 2) Show Me Your Documentation 4)Typical Violations and 5) Post Inspection. During the preliminary interview, they will ask: Q: How many hazmat employees work here? Q: How many bobtails/transports? Q: Do you requalify cylinders? Q: Do you move ASME Tanks? Q: Do you have a DOT Hazmat Registration? (which is required to be renewed annually by July 1st each year).

PHMSA Inspection Series: Vol 2 Show Me Operations: Drivers

PHMSA will ask you more specific questions about your cargo tank trucks: General cargo tank/bobtail questions - Does the truck have emergency shut-offs? - Is the cargo tank placarded? - Are the PVIK inspections up-to-date? - Does the cargo tank have inlet/outlet markings? - What is the general condition of the cargo tank? PHMSA will interview your drivers and ask them about your operations. PHMSA will ask your driver specifically: - Shipping papers: What do you use? Is it a manifest or generic? Where do you keep them? - Driver’s book - A copy of the HAZMAT Registration - Do you have written emergency response discharge procedures? - Do you conduct monthly hose assembly inspections? Are they documented? - Does the remote shut off work? How often do you test remote shut-off? What distance? Stay tuned next week when we tackle questions PHMSA investigators will ask your service tech.

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