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PHMSA Inspection Series Vol. 3

Recently, the Texas Propane Gas Association hosted inspectors from the Pipeline Hazardous Materials & Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) for training for the propane industry, and they shared some excellent information that we are passing on to the entire membership through a series each week on DOT inspections. This is week 2. PHMSA investigators will walk your yard looking at ASME tanks, and PHMSA will interview your service techs. PHMSA will ask questions like: - Does your company move tanks with more than 5%? - Explain how the tanks are moved. - Do you have a record of movement? - Is the record complete? - Show me your equipment What should you know about moving ASME tanks with more than 5%? - Tanks must be 500 gallons or less - Keep a record of visual inspection for two years - One tank per vehicle - Lift by slings only – ASME B30.9 - Cradle - secured – no overhang - Trailers – rear end protection 49 CFR § 393.86 - Consumer premises to the nearest facility - Employees must be trained and qualified What should be on the ASME tank Record of Inspection? - Record of inspection by a qualified person - Checking for leaks/corrosion/abrasions/dents/ distortions/weld defects/or anything unsafe - Signed and dated by a qualified person - Date of inspection - Inspectors contact info - Containers serial # / Container size 250/500 - % of propane from gauge - Origin / Destination

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