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New RRC Training & Exam Registration Portal Launches

Individuals registering for Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) LPG safety training, continuing education, and exam events will now register using the new online Certification Exam Registration & Training System, or CERTS as the RRC calls it. The new portal launched on Friday, April 1, 2022, and has many new features, including a more organized and streamlined way to find the class and exams you want. Users will also be able to see how many total spots are in each class and how many spots are left before registering. The new online system will also allow individuals to register and pay for a class and/or exam in a single transaction. Formerly, registrants had to wait for a response from the RRC after registering to ensure they were in the class and then pay for the event later. Now, when you register, you're officially registered. With CERTS, registrants will receive two emails after registering online: · payment confirmation acknowledging receipt; and · registration confirmation for the class or exam event. To access the new system, visit

MORE DETAILS If you have questions, contact the RRC Training Center at or 512-463-2682.

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