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New Interstate Hours of ServiceRule Effective at the End of September

The INTERSTATE FEDERAL Hours of Service UPDATES: (for those members driving across state lines) 1. Short-Haul Operations: Extends the maximum duty period to 14 hours; expands to 150 air-miles radius. 2. Adverse Driving Conditions: Extending the driving window by up to 2 hours for the adverse driving conditions allowance; 3. 30-Minute Rest Break: Modifying the 30-minute rest break requirement to take effect after 8 hours of driving time instead of 8 hours of on-duty time, and to permit satisfying the requirement while on-duty but not driving; 4. Split Sleeper-berth: Permit drivers to split the required 10-hour off-duty period into two periods: 7 consecutive hours in the sleeper-berth; and not less than 2 consecutive hours off-duty or in the sleeper-berth; New interstate hours of service rule becomes effective on September 29, 2020.

DOWNLOAD HOURS CHANGES FACT SHEET The Texas Department of Public Safety has also proposed rules for intrastate drivers on the above specific to the 14 hours for short haul and adding 2 hours for adverse driving conditions to align its self more with the federal rules. The intrastate Hours of Service rule changes have not been officially adopted yet.

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