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FMCSA Clearinghouse Compliance Deadline: January 6, 2020

On January 6, 2020, the FMCSA’s mandatory Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse rule goes into effect, meaning that CDL employers will be required to query the online FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse database before hiring a driver and once per year for existing drivers. The rule additionally requires FMCSA-regulated employers, Medical Review Officers, Substance Abuse Professionals, consortia/third party administrators, and other service agents to report any drug or alcohol violations to the Clearinghouse.

While drivers are not required to register by the mandatory compliance date, they must be registered in order to provide employers with electronic permission to query their drug and alcohol records prior to hiring. Drivers will also be able to use the Clearinghouse to view their own drug and alcohol records.


There is no cost to use the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse except for CDL employers, who must purchase a Query plan from the FMCSA. Registration Commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders, employers, medical review officers, and substance abuse professionals can visit and register to create a secure online user account before the compliance deadline of January 6, 2020.

Do you have questions on the Clearinghouse? Then please call TPGA at (800)325-7427.

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