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Filling Competitors' Lease Tanks

Temperatures in many parts of the Lone Star State are expected to dip below freezing. In cases like these, you may be getting calls from propane users who are not in your customer base but have a lease tank from another propane company whose provider is unavailable.

The question you may be asking yourself is, can you fill this tank?

Chapter 2002 of the Texas Business & Commerce code in the Texas law books allows you to fill tanks if the fuel provider/owner of that tank is not available, keyword in an emergency.

The law states: A person who is not the owner of a liquefied petroleum gas container may fill or refill the container if the person who occupies the premises where the container is located:

(1)requests the service; and

(2)signs a written request stating that:

(A)an emergency exists; and

(B)the owner is unavailable to fill or refill the container, as applicable.

1, 2, A & B must all be met to fill the tank.

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