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Driver Annual Violation Reporting Regulation Update

In an effort to remove regulatory redundancies, FMCSA adopted rules that go into effect today, that eliminate 49 CFR 391.27 (Record of violations) which had required interstate drivers to annually report their traffic and parking violations to their employers. However, FMCSA still retains the requirement in § 391.25(a) (Annual inquiry and review of driving record) for an annual MVR inquiry, in which each employer of commercial drivers must make an annual inquiry to obtain the MVR for each driver it employs from every State in which the driver holds CDL of CLP. The motor carrier must review the MVR obtained and maintain a copy of it in the driver's qualification file. FMCSA also amends § 391.23 (Investigation and inquiries) to require a motor carrier to make an inquiry to each driver's licensing authority where the driver holds or has held a motor vehicle operator's license or permit during the preceding 3 years to obtain the driver's MVR when a motor carrier is hiring a driver.

Texas Department of Public Safety adopts the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and corresponding amendments at least once a year to reflect and harmonize changes made at the federal level. Once Texas adopts those revisions, these changes will also apply to intrastate drivers as well. TPGA will update members when these changes go into effect for intrastate drivers.

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