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Brake Safety Week is August 21-27, 2022

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced August 21-27, 2022, as the dates for this year’s Brake Safety Week. Brake Safety Week is an annual commercial motor vehicle brake-safety inspection, roadside enforcement, and education initiative conducted by law enforcement jurisdictions in the U.S. and across North America, including Mexico. During Brake Safety Week, inspectors will conduct their usual North American Standard Level I and V roadside inspections and capture and report brake-related data to CVSA. The results will be released in the fall.

According to the CVSA, brake-related violations comprise the most significant percentage of all out-of-service vehicle violations cited during roadside inspections, and according to last year’s three-day International Roadcheck data, brake systems and brake adjustment violations accounted for 38.9% of all vehicle out-of-service violations, the most of any category of vehicle violations.

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