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§9.134 Connecting Container to Piping Rule Change Effective Immediately

The rule that is the most noteworthy and substantive change that is effectively immediately is §9.134.Connecting Container to Piping. The Railroad Commission has removed the requirement for a pressure test and now states that licensee has verified that piping is free of leaks.

Updated rule. §9.134.Connecting Container to Piping. LP-gas piping shall be installed only by a licensee authorized to perform such installation, a registrant authorized by §9.13 of this title (relating to General Installers and Repairman Exemption), or an individual exempted from licensing as authorized by Texas Natural Resources Code, §113.081. A licensee shall not connect an LP-gas container or cylinder to a piping installation made by a person who is not licensed to make such installation, except that connection may be made to piping installed by an individual on that individual's single family residential home. A licensee may connect to piping installed by an unlicensed person provided the licensee has verified that the piping is free of leaks and has been installed according to the rules in this chapter, and filed with AFS a completed LPG Form 22, identifying the unlicensed person who installed the LP-gas piping.

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