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TPGA Meets with RRC Representatives on Changes

Last week, the Texas Propane Gas Association met with the Director of Alternative Fuels Safety at the Railroad Commission (RRC), AFS Training Manager, and RRC attorneys to discuss the adoption of rules relating to legislation adopted in the 2021 Texas Legislative Session on training.

TPGA and RRC discussed draft rules that will provide some relief for the highest in demand class, 2.1 Dispenser Operations, by allowing DOT cylinder filler certification seekers to take PERC's Dispensing Propane Safely class once rules, form, and procedures are adopted.

In addition to discussing the training rule proposal, TPGA and RRC went over items that have been on both of our wishlists for some time now.

Here is a summary of some of the items discussed:

  • Plans for an RRC portal for licensing, certification & compliance

  • Removing unenforced Advanced Field Training (AFT) from rule

  • Adding 6.1 Regulatory Compliance for Managers continuing education course

  • Allowing by rule engineered breakaway devices and enhanced safety technologies at bulk storages.

  • Making technical corrections and clarifications to rules, including clarifying the compliance deadline for the fire safety analysis, is September 1, 2022, for not just existing installations but also new installations.

This week, TPGA will be sharing a draft of RRC's informal planned proposals with the TPGA Technical & Standards (T & S) committee for their expert feedback and comments.

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