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Please Respond to This Letter from the TDLR

This linked letter from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) went out via postal mail to all propane businesses with registered liquid petroleum gas (LPG) meters at beginning of November. Propane companies are being asked to certify whether they sell LPG for use as a motor fuel in a vehicle. If the business does or does not sell motor fuel, then they must respond by mailing, emailing, or faxing the letter back to us within the next 30 days. If they fail to respond, until TDLR hears otherwise, they will remain an active account and receive invoices prior to meter renewal. For those that respond: · If they do not sell LPG for motor fuel, TDLR will remove them as an active business (they will be listed as not regulated by TDLR so it doesn’t affect measures) and they will not receive a renewal invoice prior to their next expiration. · If they do sell LPG for motor fuel, they will get a renewal invoice from TDLR and they must also continue to register their meters with TDA. A letter with the name of each facility went out to the business owners which will allow them to respond accordingly per location. “This will eliminate the requirement of dual registration for businesses that do not sell LPG as a motor fuel,” TDLR's attorney stated in a recent email communication with the Texas Propane Gas Association.

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