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Tier II reporting

Who Needs to Submit?
Tier II reports are due every March 1st to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The reporting threshold for hazardous materials with an SDS sheet (e.g. propane) is 10,000 pounds or more (2,380 gallons or more) on site. This is cumulative per property and not per container. 

This does not only include the propane retailer, but also includes your customer accounts that meet that reporting threshold.


Agricultural customers are exempt


Helpful information
Propane is not an EHS

NAICS Codes 
454310 (LP-Gas dealers)
424720 (LPG) merchant wholesalers (except bulk stations, terminals)
424710 LPG Bulk Stations & Terminals
NAICS search, click here

What's New?

Due to TCEQ's tracking system, filers will be required to have two additional numbers in 2017. In addition to your TXT2 #, filers will need a Customer Number (CN) and Regulated Entity Number (RN).  Many of you might have these numbers assigned to you and not even know it. Don't know if you have CN or RN number? Click here  to check.


Don't have a CN or RN? Click here to apply (see last section at the bottom of the page Obtain new CN, RN, and TXT2 numbers).




Comprehensive information can be found at


You may contact TCEQ at 800-452-2791 or at

You can call the TPGA at 800-325-7427, we are happy to help.

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